4 Online Advertising Tips for Local Business Owners

According to a recent Verisign poll, 91% of customers browse online for local services and products. If a business owner doesn’t have an online presence, they may miss out on a majority of their target market. Getting online doesn’t have to be expensive, and new owners can use these Advertising tips to get started.

Add the Company to an Online Directory

Gone are the days when people relied on the phone book to find local businesses. Today’s consumers use online directories to find information, and businesses should work to show up in online searches. Consider search engine, local, review-centric and industry directories to build an online presence and attract customers.

Set up Company Social Media Profiles

Almost two-thirds of Americans use some form of social media, and businesses can use it as a promotional tool. These channels have varying services and features, and the business owner’s goals can help them determine which sites to use. Choosing a primary platform can prevent the owner from becoming overwhelmed, and it makes the learning process easier.

Market Through Email

Email marketing can increase brand loyalty, increase customer numbers in-store and online, and fuel social media growth. Start by building a subscriber list, and offer them relevant and engaging content such as a newsletter. Consider an email solution that’s flexible, to keep up with the list’s growth. Testing is the most important part of a successful email marketing effort. Owners should plan to send out test emails to learn which subject line and content types engage customers the most. Think about sending emails at different dates and times to discover whether timing affects engagement rates.

Connect Everything With a Good Domain Name

The great options listed above are a crucial first step in creating an internet presence for a local business. However, there’s one more step in tying everything together. By registering a web address, a business owner can create an online hub that makes brand-building easy.

While most people spend at least part of the day online, many business owners disregard the importance of establishing an online brand. With the tips given here, local business operators can get noticed and gain more customers.