Something Special for Prospects and Customers: Why Promotional Products are Still Essential to Increasing Business Volume

Promotional items come in many forms. Many are still simple but useful products that can be given away at trade shows, slipped into envelopes along with invoices, or handed out at meetings with prospects or clients. Others are electronic in nature and can be sent via email or other file sharing strategies. Whatever form the item may take, it pays to ensure it’s part of the company marketing strategy. Here are some of the reasons why setting aside funds for these products will help increase business volume.

A Nice Touch With Current Clients

There are times when taking along a few things like notepads, golf ball markers, business card holders and similar items will make a positive impression on a current customer. Walking in for a meeting and handing over a handful of golf markers accomplishes two things immediately. First, the client now knows that the salesperson cares enough to remember that the individual loves golf. Second, it provides something that the individual can use on the course and share with others. Since each golf marker is embossed with the company logo, that’s bound to lead to a conversation of two about where the market came from.

Both benefits increase the chances for more business volume. The existing customer is more likely to try one or two different products along with the ones already purchased on a regular basis. Anyone who sees the promotional product and asks about it could become a prospect and eventually a customer who also buys several products.

Great for Casual Encounters

Many sales professionals carry business cards with them at all times. When a chance encounter at a lunch counter, on a plane, or at a local chamber of commerce meeting leads to talking about what the company has to offer, a compact promotional product can be provided along with the card. Things like pens, magnets, and other promotional products that fit neatly into the pocket are ideal for these types of encounters. They pave the way for making another contact in a few days and pursuing a business relationship.

Remember that the right products are still effective in other settings too. Always allocate a portion of the marketing budget to these items. All it takes is one or two new customers to cover the initial cost and pave the way for reaching to more clients in the days to come.